Please have a look at our FAQ page for commenly asked questions regarding Garage Door fitting and repairs.

Q: Can you repair garage doors or do you just sell new ones?

A: Yes, 1st 4 Garage Doors specialise in repairing broken, old and faulty garage doors as well as supplying new garage doors if needed.

Q: Where do you operate? I live near Shadwell, Leeds, is this within your area?

A: Yes, we service all areas within Leeds and surrounding areas, including Shadwell, Harrogate, Wetherby, Tadcaster and more, if you’re unsure of the areas 1st 4 garage doors operate in, please contact us on 01937 573424

Q: How much does it cost to get my garage door repaired?

A: The cost depends on what is wrong with the garage door but we can repair most doors from £49.50, this includes changing all cones and cables, all inclusive. With free call out! Get in touch for a quick quote or more info or call 01937 573424

Q: Do you repair all types of Garage Door, or just manual ones?

A: We can repair 99% of garage doors, this includes manual garage doors, “old style” doors, electric garage doors, garage door motors and more. Please contact us on 01937 573424 if you’re ever unsure.

Q: What if you can’t repair my door, will I still be charged?

A: We do not charge for callout, if we cannot fix your door then you will not be charged.

Q: I’m not too sure if my door needs repairing or just servicing, it still works but is quite hard to operate, can you help? Can you mend my garage door?

A: Yes, we service garage doors as well as repair them. Providing you live in an area we operate in, we can help. Please contact us on 01937 573424

Q: Can you mend my garage door?

A: Not only can we mend it, we will leave it working like new!
If you have any questions about garage door repairs, sales or fitting, please use the form below to get in touch with 1st 4 garage doors.

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